Moritz Bolle

Moritz Bolle is Chief Strategy Officer for a family-owned industrial group, Moritz currently leads a global portfolio and business renewal effort. Outside his day job, he introduced a novel patron program for social startups within the Social Impact Labs across Germany. Moritz holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and a MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise. Linkedin

Dr. Jørgen Thorball, MD

Dr. Jørgen Thorball MD, medical specialist in translational medicine and serial entrepreneur with a track record of developing medical innovations for people in need. Amongst other leading positions, Dr. Thorball held senior management roles at Pharmacia and Novozymes and is currently managing director of XOVENTURE and Linkedin.

Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, M.D., MaHM

Dr von Blanquet holds numerous leading positions in the healthcare landscape and since 2002 he is chairman of SUENJHAID!  He is the founder of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE  a multistakeholder business platform for precision health with the goal to establish scaleable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and synchronization between all stakeholders in the healthcare filed. Linkedin

Dr. med Thomas Berger

Dr. med. Thomas Berger is a physician entrepeneur with additional degrees in medical informatics and health economics. He has held a variety of leadership positions after his clinical career, with extensive experience in healthcare IT, medical patient care and IT-based process and data management. Currently he is General Manager of Cerner Germany. Linkedin

Dr. Alexander Baltz

Alexander is a scientist with experience in molecular biology and biochemistry. He is driving customer outreach and building the network of medical experts. With a PhD in biology, he has previously worked at at Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine and at New York University. ResearchGate

Dr. Jan Peter Böttcher

Dr. Jan Peter Böttcher is the specialist for biological threats and special pathogens at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. He has worked on an Ebola diagnostic mission in the European Mobile Laboratory. He holds a PhD in infection biology and a MSc in international health.

Dr. Christian Althaus

Dr. Christian Althaus is the head of the Immuno-Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Bern, focusing on the dynamics of viruses, emerging infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Sebastian Banhart

Dr. Sebastian Banhart is an infection specialist and author of several peer-reviewed research articles on ResearchGate.

Jürgen Schiller

Jürgen is an expert in IT security data privacy. He holds a MS in mobile communications and has gathered five years of experience as a senior IT security consultant for Fortune 500 companies on five continents. LinkedIn