OWD will be part of the event “Digital Health – Improving Prevention, Prediction and Care A Global, European and German Opportunity”

As healthcare embraces the digital technologies, the potential of data to change the way we deliver healthcare, improve patient outcomes and shape future research is an important new frontier. Big data or artificial intelligence are already driving a real transformation of our healthcare systems, supporting a shift from a curative-oriented approach to more prevention, prediction and better care for the population.
The importance of eHealth and digital innovation in addressing the common challenges that health systems face in terms of an ageing population with a rise of chronic diseases resulting in potentially increasing cost of healthcare needs to be emphasized. New capabilities from technologies, analytical methods and predictive algorithms are promising to be the “next big thing” in patient-centered care. International projects of digital cooperation, Europe’s agenda to move forward the transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market as well as national initiatives to support digitisation in healthcare bear witness to these developments. To get there we will need innovative responses and involvement across the industries and stakeholder groups.

This conference aims to leverage a sustainable discussion inviting all the stakeholders interested in Digital Health and specifically the digitally empowered fields of prevention, prediction and care. We are looking forward to share and exchange inputs, between policy-makers, citizens, patient groups, health professionals, scientists, companies and health insurances, about the strategies and actions to achieve the digital transformation of healthcare systems.

Displays are the key interface connecting human communication and the digital world. At our Health Futures Gallery, you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of novel concepts where displays play an important role in engaging and supporting patients in the areas of diagnosis, prevention and prediction, or even ambulance service and hospital care.

You are curious as to how all this might work? Then join the session, engage in the discussion, and perhaps become the partner with whom we bring an opportunity to life – whether it be a new business, a new venture, a new product or a multi-stakeholder cooperation.

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